A firm commitment to service excellence

Service Excellence is the firms top priority.
Professional services are provided based on specialized knowledge and completion of projects on time and within budget.

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Municipal (Sewer and Water Systems, Roads, Highways and Airports)

  • Survey and Design
  • Contract Document Preparation, Construction Inspection, Contract Administration and Project Management (Engineering Services)

Maintenance and Rehabilitation

  • Project level pavement management
  • Investigation, evaluation, assessment of pavements

Trenchless – Maintenance and Rehabilitation (Municipal Sewer and Water Systems)

  • Network and Project level infrastructure management
  • WRc investigation, assessment and evaluation of municipal sewer and water systems sewers
  • Engineering Services for CCTV Inspection, Joint Sealing & Testing, Point Repairs, CIPP and Fold & Form Relining, Pipe Bursting, Sliplining
  • Construction Inspection, Contract Administration and Project Management

Trenchless – New Construction (Municipal Sewer and Water Systems)

  • HDD pipe Stress calculations
  • Engineering Services for HDD installations

Land Development

  • Conceptual layout and servicing feasibility studies
  • Negotiations with approving authorities
  • Engineering Services for Land development projects

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